Promoting Social Well-being

TISCO Group’s CSR Activity Roadmap, features 3 main action categories that ensure our endeavors are well-organized and yield concrete results for sustainability. They are as follows:


1. Financial Literacy

TISCO Group believes in the importance of supporting financial literacy and expanding financial knowledge among society at large so that people can choose financial products and services that are productive for their daily life. Financial plans are designed to create stability and wealth and to improve quality of life for customers’ families with a spillover effect to the community. Financial literacy enhancement was once again designed and carried out by a working group consisting of volunteer staff with knowledge and expertise. The training program itself was based on a survey of financial skills of Thais conducted by the Bank of Thailand together with the National Statistics Office. Every year, our expert staffs take part in the program as speakers and facilitators.

Programmes for Retail Loan Customers

1.1 Debt Knowledge Programme

TISCO Group started educating every motorcycle-loan customer about financial threats in 2019 through one-on-one sessions, with staff providing knowledge while customers waited for services at branches so as to ensure that they would not fall victim to swindlers. In 2020, TISCO Group expanded this programme to customers of its car loans, house loans, and vehicle-for-cash loans. Knowledge was summarized and presented in the form of a simple game. Staff gave this game kit to every customer and advised him/her to do self-assessments prior to making a loan decision. This programme ran from June to December, 2020.

1.2 Somwang Moo 8 Series

In the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, TISCO Group has expanded its channels for financial literacy over digital platforms so as to match the situation and people’s lifestyles. In this regard, an eight-episode Situation Comedy titled “Somwang Moo 8 Community” was produced. This online series is popular and easily accessible. Featuring a fun storyline and attractive actors, it also delivers content from the Smart Saving, Smart Spending course so as to promote financial planning, financial discipline, savings, instalment-plan knowledge, and reasonable loans. Also integrated into the series were many online media such as (Cash at Order), YouTube and TikTok. This series encouraged people to answer short questions via “[email protected]สมหวังเงินสั่งได้”. It ran from July to October 2020. 

Programmes for Youth and Community

1.3 TISCO Financial Camp

The TISCO Financial Camp has been conducted annually since 2012 with consistent updates to activities and content. We aim for students to have fun while learning under the concept “Saving Before Spending, Creating Financial Discipline”. Senior high school students and vocational students from schools nationwide are eligible to attend the financial camp. The financial camp is held during the school holidays at the headquarters of TISCO Bank Public Company Limited on North Sathorn Road in Bangkok. 

TISCO Group also supports information dissemination to communities through post-financial camp activities. Participants are expected to apply the knowledge gained and relay the information to people within their circle, such as friends, parents, guardians and others in the same community, with counselors and teachers serving as models and co-leaders, over a period of four months. Participants are required to submit the results of their activities as part of a competition to show changes in attitude and behavior towards savings, spending and financial discipline as well as continuity and sustainability. Winning students are awarded financial rewards, plaques, and honor certificates. The purpose of the competition is to encourage and support students in transferring financial knowledge to society.

For more details please visit Facebook “ค่ายการเงินทิสโก้” and Youtube “Say Hi ค่ายการเงิน”

1.4 Smart Saving, Smart Spending Road Show

After the government eased COVID-19 control measures in the last quarter of 2020, TISCO Group started organizing Smart Saving, Smart Spending road shows in the form of mobile workshops with the aim of raising awareness of the need to save money and get prepared for risks that may arise, and to promote simple ways to earn extra income by surveying and adjusting their family’s spending behaviors with the help of household accounts.

1.5 Project in Collaboration with the Thai Bankers Association

TISCO Group, in collaboration with the Thai Bankers Association, implemented the New-Generation Thais are Financially Literate Year 3 with an aim to promote management skills in personal finance among university students. The target group is the new generation who are growing up with technology. Given that shopping is now much easier and convenient thanks to online platforms, the target group should be taught about financial skills before they start working. Convenient shopping, after all, is a factor behind overspending among many. Some people have been incurring debts from a very young age for consumption, not for asset building. In 2020, the New Generation Thais are Financially Literate project was implemented as Virtual Education Training. TISCO Group prepared 46 volunteer staff for project presentation and implementation. 

In addition, TISCO Group promoted financial literacy among customers and members of the general public by organizing free seminars that covered a variety of topics well matched to the situation and useful for financial planning.

2. Educational opportunities

2.1 Scholarships

TISCO grants scholarships on a yearly basis through TISCO Foundation. The scholarships have no binding conditions. TISCO grants both new and continuous scholarships for students, active until they finish their university studies. Teachers help select eligible students for the scholarship and obtain approval from their headmaster.

2.2 School Development Fund

Given insufficient financial support from the government and the urgent need for renovations of school buildings to stay in line with safety standards, TISCO Group continues to allocate funding for construction of school buildings and repair of damaged buildings nationwide, in addition to school supplies and necessary equipment. These efforts encourage communities to send children to school. TISCO Group acts a main sponsor and collaborates with an alliance network and those who share our beliefs.

3. Public Health and Other Causes

TISCO Group is determined to contribute to social development on a continued basis and never stops encouraging all sectors to join such efforts. After a careful review of social issues especially in regard to public-health development, TISCO Group has paid special attention to hospital overcrowding and decided to expand its TISCO Ruamjai project to state medical facilities. As the project extends help to state hospitals that have not yet received an adequate budget from the government but have an urgent need for improvement, Thais’ access to medical services and quality of life will improve in the long run. 

3.1 “TISCO Ruamjai 9” Year 2020 Project

The project will build the “emergency center for the Bangyai Hospital” in Nonthaburi province for the purposes of increasing a life-saving medical space. Located on the outbound side of the Kanchanaphisek Road (Taling Chan – Suphan Buri), this hospital has long had just an ER room. Located on the first floor of its Chalermphrakiat Building, this ER covers a mere 75 square meters. The project has stepped in with the aim to upgrade this ER into a center based on Emergency Care System (ECS) standards and increase its total space to 1,012 square meters. With the project implementation, the hospital’s ER facility will become a medium ER center in line with the Public Health Ministry’s plan by 2024 and have the capacity to handle up to 180 cases a day. TISCO Group will be the major sponsor of the project, which also accepts construction materials from TPI Polene Public Company Limited and Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited, and some financial donations from executives, staff, customers, and the general public. Donations were invited to savings account number 0001–212-007464-0 between 11 September and 27 December 2020. Registered with TISCO Bank, the account name is “Donations for Bangyai Hospital (TISCO Ruamjai 9). Construction of the upgrade will take place in 2021. 

3.2 Research Grants for Cancer-Treatment Innovations

TISCO Group has continued its efforts to give better opportunities to cancer patients in regard to quality and easily accessible treatments by providing research grants for cancer-treatment innovations. TISCO Group has now allocated 7,451,600 Baht, parts of its selling fees from the offerings of mutual-fund units and health-insurance products, to the Cancer Immunotherapy Fund of the Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine and the Children Cancer Fund under the patronage of HRH Princess Somsawali.

3.3 Blood Donation

TISCO Group has conducted blood-donation campaigns in collaboration with the Thai Red Cross Society every quarter. In 2020, the campaign organised nine blood-donation events in Bangkok and also in big provinces where TISCO branches are located. Through these events, 2,561 units or 1,024,400 cc of blood were received, a quantity that could be used to help 7,683 patients

3.4 Support for Battle against COVID-19

Somwang Cares for Community: TISCO Group has supported the monitoring and prevention of COVID-19 by providing 1,000 sets of tools/kits to village health volunteers across the country in support of their mission. The donations were made via the Public Health Ministry’s Health Service Support Department. In addition, every branch of TISCO Group organized “Somwang Relief Fights COVID-19” activities through which 7,400 relief-item bags were given to people suffering from COVID-19 crisis.

Moreover, TISCO Group partnered with the Thai Bankers Association in donating money to back medical workers’ efforts to control the COVID-19 outbreak. Recipients are the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, the Siriraj Hospital, the Ramathibodi Hospital, the Rajavithi Hospital, the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute, and the Thai Red Cross Society. TISCO Group donated money to the Mae Lao Hospital in Chiang Rai’s Mae Lao district to assist in its plan to set aside a separate a room for respiratory diseases in preparation for COVID-19.

The Mae Lao Hospital, moreover, has continued receiving financial support from TISCO Group for its improvement of the Ban Din Resort that serves as a holistic healthcare center. TISCO Group has also financially supported the Luk Phra Dabos Project in Samut Prakan’s Bang Phli district that takes care of trees planted by TISCO Group in the Park Celebrating 84th Royal Birthday as well as Special Olympics Thailand and the Sem Pringpuangkeo Foundation in support of its help for youth, children, and the underprivileged. 

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