Workplace: Good Governance

Good governance promotion

TISCO Group trusts in good corporate governance that supports business and social sustainability objectives including creating the highest value for shareholders and all stakeholders as follows:

Collaboration with internal stakeholders

  • Conduct business under the principles of good corporate governance, backed by anti-corruption and anti-bribery efforts, honest operations, and transparency for employees to instill a strong corporate culture.
  • Enhance risk management by establishing a risk committee to direct overall risks as well as oversee operations in accordance with policies and risk management strategies.
  • Define policies and guidelines for offering products and services to customers. Communicate and follow up to ensure correct practice and strict compliance.

Collaboration with external stakeholders

  • TISCO Group’s determination to fight corruption can be seen through its track record of collaboration in anti-corruption activities with organizations, associations, and other cooperative groups.
    In 2019, for the ninth consecutive year, TISCO Group joined as a part of a private organization which supports anti-corruption efforts.   
  • Focus on anti-corruption by stipulating a policy of “No Gifts” or other benefits from customers or business partners at every opportunity.

  • Provide channels for information or questions regarding non-compliance with the company's business ethics and anti-corruption policy. Click here
  • Encourage partners to conduct business with transparency, consider human rights, treat labor with fairness, comply with safety standards of occupational health and environment, and push partners to join the Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption.

Enhancing personnel quality of life

TISCO Group believes that personnel are the most important resource. Therefore, we aim to create a "Happy Organization" by focusing on good relations between personnel and knowledge development so as to create equal opportunities in career paths for all.

  • Reflecting their focus on continuous employee care, the subsidiary companies of TISCO Group were awarded "Best Outstanding Employer of Thailand" for 2019 by Kincentric Thailand Co., Ltd., the world's leading human resource management consultant.
  • In 2019, TISCO started a culture-based project (OASIS) to stay abreast of the latest changes. Through Open - Adapt - Sharing a Growth Mindset is fostered in employees, helping them respond to the changing economic, social and technological conditions. This also exposes employees to new ideas and concepts for keeping pace and adapting to the current environment.

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