Provident Funds

Provident Funds

Leader in Provident Fund Management

TISCO, the first provident fund management company in Thailand, has started provident fund management since B.E.2512. Over the past 50 years, TISCO has professionally utilized its expertise, experience and emphasized on the management in order to maximize the long-term benefits for members under the reasonable risk, including focusing on the excellence in service in order to achieve the needs of various customers. In addition, TISCO has continuously developed its technology under the rapid changing trend that TISCO has been able to maintain its leadership in provident fund industry. Currently, TISCO remains as a leader in provident fund management with largest number of employers trusted TISCO to manage their provident funds.

TISCO Master Fund

Another step of leadership.

With innovative provident fund management. "Master Fund" allows members to choose the investment policy that suit their ages, expected return and acceptable risk level. Members can also change their investment choices to match their life cycle, anywhere, anytime through online service.

ทิสโก้ สมาร์ท รีไทร์เม้นท์

TISCO Smart Retirement

A life navigator helps guide you find everyday happiness until retirement. 

We believe that good retirement planning should have a clear "goal" which is on the basis of "happiness" on the savings and investment path from the first day of working until the days after retirement. As a result, TISCO Smart Retirement is another focus beyond the commitment to professional fund management. We also aim to provide the best financial and retirement financing advice with up-to-date information to fund members to be happy until retirement.


Best Provident Fund Provider Thailand 2018

Recently, TISCO has won the "Best Provident Fund Provider Thailand 2018" award from Global Banking and Finance Review, which emphasizes leadership and excellence in the management and services to our provident fund clients.

If you interested in provident fund services Please contact our marketing department with a provident fund.

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